Quality Assurance

At Specialty, our focus on highly specialized, low-quantity products means that our production approaches must stay flexible to meet the made-to-order needs of our customers.

Our Quality Goals

Each employee at Specialty Screw Machine Products is committed to producing quality, Swiss-type screw machine products that meet or exceed our customers' requirements. Every employee takes responsibility for ensuring that our ISO 9001:2008 quality system is observed and implemented in his or her specific area of activity.

100 Percent Quality Management

Loop photoOur approach to quality management is unique because we produce completely customized, machined products in low quantities. This means that experienced staff checks and often measures virtually every piece in your order to ensure it meets or exceeds your exact design, tolerances and quality expectations.

We use the latest micron-measurement tools. Our Zygo laser micrometer, for example, measures precisely to within +/- 0.000020".

Additionally, your order is machined, finished, inspected and packaged for shipment using the cleanest shop processes possible. Shop cleanliness plays an important part in our business. We feel it is an indication of the unique attention Specialty gives your job.