Capabilities: Overview

Our facility has over 80 Swiss-type automatic screw machines, the finest machines of their kind. A Swiss-type machine is a three-axis, bar turning machine employing a sliding headstock and guide bushing to cut precise, intricate configurations.

These machines capably hold extremely close tolerances on all machinable metals in diameters up to 1/2" and turned lengths to 6". We can often hold +/- 0.0001" tolerances on the screw machines, saving the time and cost of secondary operations on many parts. CNC controlled machines provide additional capabilities and flexibility.

The technology of these machines allows Specialty to provide reliable, quality components to today's high-tech industries where exact precision is key. We specialize in low-tolerance, customized products in low quantities, and can produce a single, precision-machined prototype, to quantities below 100, up to hundreds or thousands of pieces.

Capabilities Detail